Owning Your Sexual Self

66. Erotic Bodywork with Sexological Worker, Darshana Avila

May 24, 2021 Rachel Maine
Owning Your Sexual Self
66. Erotic Bodywork with Sexological Worker, Darshana Avila
Show Notes

Welcome back to the Owning Your Sexual Self Podcast! Have you ever met someone who's truly dedicated to helping people feel at home in their bodies and in alignment with their souls so that they can experience more ease and pleasure in all aspects of their life? You have now! This week I'm joined with Darshana Avila; an erotic bodywork/sexological worker!

Darshana mentions that "We are erotic by nature"!
Being 'erotic' includes our sexuality, sensuality, and our creativity. Darshana invites people to expand on their relationship and where their intimacy can be cultivated; with everyone not just your partner.

"Stepping into your true nature is the pathway to empowering yourself and really connecting to eroticism". Getting to know your own body is such a crucial step to being ready for a relationship.

What does working with Darshana look like...

1. Figuring out what matters to you?
What intentions are you coming in with & what are you seeking from a sexological worker?
2. Finding out what is standing in between you at this moment
3. Walking through past experiences
3.  People leave with a sense of self after working with Darshana Avila
4. Bringing voice into the bedroom
is such a crucial part of Darshana's work, people being able to say ' I like this' 'I don't like that'  
5. Learning what you like/don't like
  -Discovering your boundaries

Often, people feel a disconnect with sex, or believe their experiences could be even better!
You deserve more! You don't have to settle for 'good', shoot for extraordinary!!!

"When we can be curious about ourselves, about our sex, about our experiences whole worlds of possibilities open up" -Darshana Avila
   -Life is different when we get to embrace ourselves, be curious, and be creative!

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