Owning Your Sexual Self

116. What Women Want in Relationships

May 23, 2022 Rachel Maine
Owning Your Sexual Self
116. What Women Want in Relationships
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Being a woman myself, I know we are super complicated creatures. We are not a one size fits all, or even easily understood. Often times I find that men are just trying to keep up. They’re trying to figure out what makes their woman tick. 
I’ve had the honor of working with more and more male clients in this past year, and it’s been incredible.  But this work doesn’t just have to be for women, there’s such a beautiful side getting into the masculine and working with men.
I’m launching my next program, The Intuitive Man because I think the next piece of the puzzle, is going to be helping the men get into the masculine.  Helping them get into their conscious, intuitive side, knowing themselves, and helping them feel more safe, secure, and secure in their masculine.
I know I might get some push back about this, and people might think I’m pushing toxic masculinity, but no. It’s a healthy masculine energy that I’m wanting to help guide men into. I want to help men understand themselves and women better, I want to help you show up as a better lover and partner in your relationship and in your life.
What do women really want?
Women actually just want you to step up and take some charge sometimes.
Now I’m not saying that you should be telling women what to do. No woman wants to be told what to do. Both men and women all have a little bit of both masculine and feminine energies, and what we’re really wanting is to feel more polarity in the way that these two energies flow in our life. I know this is going to hit some people in the ego, but it’s something that we need to recognize. Men we need you to step up, take control, and take some action in your lives. Again, we don’t want you to be the one taking all the control, we just want you to step up and lead.

What exactly does the masculine look like?
It is someone who has a strong presence, you can feel that strong energy radiating off them. They move very deliberately, or with intention. They speak confidently, and are able to state what they want. They’re able to hold a steady gaze. They’re able to step up and be in a leadership role. They have a strong purpose in life and can speak their truth. They come off almost as fearless, but they also are able to acknowledge their emotions.

What does a man who is not so grounded in his masculine core look like?
He may experience things like being overly expressive, getting defensive and reacting right away. They might get nervous when around a confident woman. They may try to initiate sex in an indirect way instead of directly. People pleasing and trying to keep the peace is such a big part of it. They might have a lot of nervous energy. They might withdraw a lot more when they’re feeling emotional. They may not be able to express or hold their own boundaries. They can be the type to deny their own feelings of anger or sadness, they’re going to be the “I’m fine, everything is fine” type of person.
You can not fake this, you can not become more masculine by just copying these behaviors, it just doesn’t work like that. There’s a specific framework that needs to be a base before these behaviors will start happening naturally with the work that we’ll go through in this program. 

Men just want to understand what women want, and women just want to understand what men want. When we can each step into our own sexual power and be firm in our boundaries, and embrace our masculine or feminine energy there is so much power that comes behind that. 

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