Owning Your Sexual Self

118. Understanding Human Design with Lauren Armstrong

June 13, 2022 Rachel Maine
Owning Your Sexual Self
118. Understanding Human Design with Lauren Armstrong
Show Notes

I know you’ve heard me talking about Human Design before, so I’m super excited to be able to share so much more about it with you all in this episode. I connected with Lauren on Instagram, and just knew I needed to invite her on here for her to share all her knowledge and expertise!

Who is Lauren?
Lauren is a 5/1 Self Projected Projector which, in English means she loves talking things out, creating offers based on what she is recognized for and solving the problems she is invited to help lead and guide others to solve. She has a unique way of seeing the world and loves mastering the system of coaching using her favorite tool...you guessed it! Human Design.
Lauren got started in human design when she was diving into entrepreneurship and going through all the programs that were out there and none of them were working for her. Then she was scrolling through Instagram and found something she really connected with, and knew she needed to know more. 

What are the five types of human design?
They’re here to do work they love to do, be lit up, be deeply satisfied by the world around them, ready to wake up in the morning with a full tank of energy and use it in satisfying ways throughout the day, go to bed delightfully exhausted.
Manifesting Generators: Are also ready to wake up in the morning with a full tank of energy and use it in satisfying ways throughout the day and go to bed delightfully exhausted. They're very efficient and are multi passionate, they likely have a lot of different things going on all at once.
Manifestors: Are here to initiate and get things started. When they’re in alignment they feel a deep sense of peace and out of alignment they will feel anger. The only type designed not to wait for something to move forward.
Reflectors: Are really a reflection of who they’re around. It’s really important to surround themselves with communities that make them feel good.
Projectors: Here to be the leaders and the guides. Not necessarily the one’s doing the doing but leading the doing and seeing more efficient ways for things to be happening. Being able to ask the right questions is really where the power lies for a projector. Here to be recognized and invited for their gifts. Very much a lean back energy vs a go out and get it.

What are all these shapes on the bodygraph?
When something is colored in, that means it’s a defined center. Defined centers means you’re creating the energy in your body and pushing it out into the world. Where you have a white shape it means you have inconsistent access to the energy of that center because we don’t create it consistently within our body, we’re taking it in from the outside world and amplifying it. You use your undefined centers to find wisdom and learn lessons and share it with others. You use your defined centers to teach from because you’re already consistent in it.

Where should someone start with Human Design?
Use MyBodyGraph.com to find out your type, your strategy and your authority. If you're not experimenting with those things, nothing else really matters. You should be learning more about yourself and then putting it to use. Once you’ve experimented with those things, start looking at your undefined centers, and where those things are showing up for you. 

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