Owning Your Sexual Self

120. Dynamics of Sex Work & Healing with Alex Mufson

June 27, 2022
Owning Your Sexual Self
120. Dynamics of Sex Work & Healing with Alex Mufson
Show Notes

This week I’ve got Alex Mufson here, we’re both sex coaches, or sex workers, however you want to say it, we’re here to help other women and humans to step up and support their unapologetic selves. We’re giving them the tips to have ownership in their lives and experience more in their sex lives and relationships. 
One of the main themes among sex workers is taking on a new name, so this episode is really going to dive into how you can take on this new name ownership. Whether you’re in the in the field of sex work or not, we’ll be talking about how you can bring it into your life and relationship.

Who is Alex?

Alex Mufson, LCSW is an entrepreneur committed to growing mission-centered businesses anchored in intersectional feminist values. Alex also supports badass women in her private mentorship, guiding clients as they make bold moves to become themselves. Alex is a sex positive person, and has been since she was pretty young. She was even selling chocolate vagina lollipops at 14 to support a women’s rights organization. She’s been very comfortable with the sex work world for most of her life, so it was a really natural fit for her to step in and support people in the industry with her license in social work. Now as she’s building her businesses, she’s trying not to forget that really important part of herself, deep down she’s just a 14 year old girl with chocolate vaginas.

What would Alex say is the most common reason people get into sex work?
She’s not sure there actually is a common reason. There are some people who do it out of necessity, which is usually the assumption about sex workers, in her experience is isn’t the majority. Some are doing it as a calculated choice and realizing it is the best option, and it just makes sense for them. There are people who really have no money and this is what they have access to to make a little money, all the way to people who are masters level experts in whatever they do. It’s not that these people are desperate all the time, some women come to it because it’s an option where they feel more respected than they do in other things in their life.  The sex work world is truly a very diverse industry as a whole. 

If you want to get really good at boundaries, get into the sex work industry. You have to be strong in your values and beliefs, because you're going to get a lot of push back, and you have to stay true to yourself and do what feels right in your power.

How does Alex help people work through different personas?
She starts with working though what parts of themselves they already love. What are those things, are they things they're elevating right now, and how would we elevate them? That really bleeds into all of the core parts of our world. Once you have the values and identity figured out, you can do anything from there with intention.

You showing up and embracing this part of yourself, and elevating the parts of yourself that you love, is only going to benefit the people that are meant to be in your life. If there are people who aren’t okay with you changing and being the person you love, then they’re not meant to be in your life. Sometimes the person you become isn’t right for the people who are around you or they aren’t right for you, and that’s okay. You will attract the people you need in your life when you live your best life unapologetically. 

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