Owning Your Sexual Self

126. Create Your Sex Timeline

August 08, 2022 Rachel Maine
Owning Your Sexual Self
126. Create Your Sex Timeline
Show Notes

This is going to be a bit of a mini episode this week! I’m wanting to share with you all a new offer that I have coming as well as a tool I’ve been using in my coaching for quite some time now. Creating Your Sex Timeline is actually a tool that I learned when I was going through my certificate program for sex therapy and sex education.

What do you remember about the very first time you had sex?
I’m willing to bet that your answer to this is likely the same exact way that you’re having sex now. Most people aren’t willing to take the time or do the work to expand what sex means to them and what their sex life looks like. But I'm also willing to bet that because you're listening to this episode now, that means you're probably the people that The Sex Timeline is meant for.
In working with clients in the last few months, a common theme is coming up around the sex timeline and how much clarity, understanding and validation it gives to the people that are going through this. I’ve also been thinking more on this and how much I love seeing the growth from the people who go have used this tool.

Who will this tool be good for?
Someone who wants to dip their toes a bit into sex therapy, who maybe aren’t ready to do a deep dive for whatever reason you might have.
Someone who is experiencing something in your current sex life that just isn’t lining up and it just isn’t what you want it to be.
Maybe you’re feeling shame or guilt around taking on pleasure for yourself.
You can hear the voices of people who were there for guidance when you were growing up in your head telling you that sex or pleasure is bad, or that you shouldn’t touch yourself, or that you should wait until marriage to have sex. 
You’re struggling to achieve an orgasm, to connect with your partner, or with erectile dysfunction.

All these things that we’ve heard as young adults, they all play a part in who we are as a sexual person you are today. The sex timeline can uncover so much for people and can allow you to connect the dots into what is going on in your sex life right now. 

Where can I get the Sex Timeline Guide and What's in it?
This tool is available on my website, and is really the short and sweet, quick and easy segue into what sex coaching could look like.
When you purchase this from my website, it’s going to walk you through some journal prompts based on the things you we’re told about sex growing up. Then it will move into things like what you remember from the first and the last time you had sex. The more detail you can go into this, the better, when you’re doing this if a story pops into your mind I’m really inviting you to journal on this. 
When you get to the second portion of this where you send me your timeline, it’s really going to help me have so much more insight and give you even deeper clarity on what is happening now in your sex life. 

Not only will you get the Sex Timeline Guide, you’ll get 1 week of Voxer.
Voxer is an encrypted app where we can send texts and voice notes that is going to allow me to pull back the layers of your sex timeline and offer you clarity and give you guidance and solutions to the things you want to change in your sex life. 

This is truly going to give you so much insight, but really is quick and easy. The cost of this is $111 for both the Creating your Sex Timeline Guide and the 1 week of Voxer support with me. If you still want more, there will be an option to add on a zoom call or even start one on one coaching.


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