Owning Your Sexual Self

128. How & Why to Use a Yoni Egg

August 22, 2022 Rachel Maine
Owning Your Sexual Self
128. How & Why to Use a Yoni Egg
Show Notes

I am so pumped to talk to you about the Yoni Egg practice. I got into this more spiritual side of sexual health to help strengthen my own business as a sex coach and sex therapist and to really expand my knowledge. But the personal growth I got out of this experience was honestly unexpected.
 If you have not gone to chakrubs.com, you need to. It’s where I got my rose quartz wand and my clear quartz Yoni Egg. I got a guide with my Yoni Egg, and that’s what I’ll be using as my resource for this episode. It really helped me connect correctly, deeply, and intimately with my Yoni Egg, and without it I would just be lost!

If you’re listening to this and thinking “What the hell is a Yoni?”
The word Yoni translates to womb or sacred temple in Sanskrit. Your Yoni egg represents a new method for strengthening your womb connection and links you to ancient wisdom through a practice that has been passed down for millennia. Honor this history and know you can connect to this erotic intelligence at any time.

On a spiritual level, a regular Yoni egg practice can help you come into greater understanding of you inner workings, release shame and trauma stored in the womb and restore emotional balance.
On a physical level a regular Yoni Egg practice can help you strengthen your pelvic floor muscles, to enhance sexual pleasure help you achieve orgasms more easily, recover from childbirth and improve urinary incontinence.

The shape of the egg is a universal symbol of new life and growth, it represents the source from which we have all emerged, it is a seed of manifestation from which anything can be born, as you meet your Yoni egg for the first time think about what it is hatching within you and acknowledge your being as the sacred temple that it is. Yes, you are the sacred temple.

One thing you should know first is that when you go to order a Yoni Egg, it’s going to ask you if you want it drilled or not drilled.
Drilled means that there will be a very tiny hole drilled at the top, thinner part of the egg, and that is there so that you can actually insert a string through the egg. I recommend getting a drilled egg if you’re someone who is not used to doing pelvic floor exercises or if you’re someone who has a fear of something getting stuck up in you. 

What do you do when your first get your Yoni Egg?
After cleaning it. I would also recommend  really doing some intentionality around it. What was the meaning behind you purchasing this Egg? Why do you want this in your life? What  prompted this purchase in the first place? Why did you choose the crystal that you chose? What is going on at this point in your life that you decided you needed a Yoni Egg?
You can also ask yourself what were your initial thoughts upon first seeing your egg? What was the energy of your Yoni Egg? What did you feel when you were opening your egg for the first time?
After your first experience, I invite you to journal it out. Ask yourself what were the feelings around this and spending some time really looking into the symbolization. 

You don’t need to do this just as a self pleasure practice. If you’re wanting to use it like this with journaling, intention setting, and gratitude and meditation around it, I think that is going to serve you in such a helpful way. On the other hand, wearing this Yoni Egg around going on with your normal day, you’re going to see the benefits and effects as well. 

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