Owning Your Sexual Self

129. Audio Erotica with Lala's Bedtime Tales

August 29, 2022 Rachel Maine
Owning Your Sexual Self
129. Audio Erotica with Lala's Bedtime Tales
Show Notes

I am just so pumped for this episode today! I had Lala reach out on Instagram saying she would make a great guest on my podcast and I could not agree more!
Working with  clients, as we're going through desire and ways to bring eroticism back into their life, especially if they're someone who is experiencing lack of desire or a lower sex drive, one of the things I bring up with them is audible porn.
I'm over the moon excited that Lala is here to be able to share her experience in audio eroticism.
Auralism - A fairly common kink of being aroused by sound

Who is Lala?
She is the founder of Lala's Bedtime Tales, a sexual wellness and liberation brand. She is a sexuality and sexual health advocate, audio erotic podcast host, and contemporary romance author. She started Lala's Bedtime Tales as a way to find community and provide education while on her own personal sexual healing journey.

What is Lala's Bedtime Tales?
Lala's Bedtime Tales is a sexual wellness digital platform that inspires you to take control and ownership of your sexy by mixing education with entertainment. Lala's Bedtime Tales offers erotica and romance literature, sexual health and wellness education from licensed medical professionals, and healthy relationship, romance, & sex advice from sexuality experts.

How does audible porn help your mental health?
Releases oxytocin and dopamine. Those feel good hormones and emotions
Helps reduce stress and helps with anxiety
Helps you connect with your body and relax
Help you get into the mood, and feel into your sexy
Helps you extend your own sexual creativity and curiosity 
Can help you fall to sleep

Audio eroticism and erotic content is a great way to start if you don’t know where to start in embracing your sexuality. Figuring out what you like, dislike, and things that you want to explore, and figuring out your fantasy.

The Breathless Trilogy by Maya Banks
Dominant Male/Submissive Female 
The Sweet Series by Maya Banks
Sex Club, Bondage, Threesomes, Group Sex, Submission, Consensual Non-Consensual & More 
Cinderella Trilogy by K Webster
Degradation/Humiliation and Daddy Kink
Crossfire Series by Sylvia Day
If you like 50 Shades, you'll like this series. It deals with trauma healing, Dominant Male/Submissive Female 
Off-Campus Series by Elle Kennedy
Trauma Healing and reconnecting with your sexuality afterward and building healthy romantic relationships 

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