Owning Your Sexual Self

134. Sacred Sexuality with Chelsea Adair

October 03, 2022 Rachel Maine
Owning Your Sexual Self
134. Sacred Sexuality with Chelsea Adair
Show Notes

 I’m so thankful for Instagram and the wonderful resource that it is helping me cross paths with so many people. Chelsea Adair is one of those people, and I am so so excited to have her on today! She’s here to talk all about the feminine and masculine sides of sacred sexuality.

What does Chelsea suggest for someone looking to embrace their feminine more?
You can’t teach it with anything standardized that can ever instill someone with the energetic knowings that occur from personal embodied exploration. The divine feminine isn’t this goddess that runs in the opposite direction of the masculine god.  We need the masculine and the feminine and that’s the only way we can live in harmony. 
When you swing to the side of being fully in your feminine, and just living for pleasure, you loose structure, you’ve got flow, but where the fuck are you flowing to?
When you’re in the unbalanced masculine you can forget about the artistry of life.
Redefine what the masculine is for you. How that energy expresses through you. It doesn't have to be this really structured rigid tension. You can soften, feel the conscious presence, and let the masculine direct your next step and let your feminine back in to really feel like you can be held in this space to have the creative artistry and flow.
Address when the rupture with the masculine or father archetype happened. When did that distrust or rebellion happen that caused you to run the other way to the feminine.
When you can notice your inner child is taking over and rebelling against the masculine it can really help you understand how you can connect to the feminine.
Having the masculine in your life can create a structure for better, more fulfilling, pleasure filled feminine expression

Does Chelsea practice with crystals in terms of sexuality?
She is personally a firm believer in slow sensual self pleasure, and what that can open up for a woman. It’s a different form of masculine energy, it’s more consciousness and presence vs doing for the outcome which often happens when we pick up a vibrator. If you’re doing it and not feeling fully fulfilled, or pleasured, then that’s where you get to take a step back and put the vibrator away for a little while.
Crystals hold energetic properties. When you use these crystals for self pleasure you’re inviting them into your most sacred portal to recharge. Crystal yoni eggs are beautiful tool to use not only for the physical benefits such as increasing lubrication, having more sensation, and being able to have more tightness and firmness. Energetically our yoni’s haven't been entered in a loving, healing, energetic way, maybe ever until we approach these slow self pleasure practices. Using a yoni egg not to have an orgasm but to offer this sacred ritual and ceremony for our beautiful fucking yoni who births life, receives pleasure, and is the source of all. 
Black obsidian is great for absorbing trauma from the body. A rose quartz egg is great for inviting more self love.
Using crystal pleasure wands are really the next level of this. Because they don't vibrate, they're something you get to play with and see what feels right with your body. You need to get comfortable with your body first so it feels ready and comfortable to receive. This isn't about just having an orgasm. That will happen, and it will be deeper and more beautiful than you've ever experienced if you chose to go down this path and slow down and be with it.

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