Owning Your Sexual Self

135. My Fully Embodied Woman Experience

October 10, 2022 Rachel Maine
Owning Your Sexual Self
135. My Fully Embodied Woman Experience
Show Notes

I am over the moon today, and still feeling all of the feels from a retreat I just got back from. That’s what this episode is going to be about.
It was earth shattering, mind blowing, amazingness.

The Fully embodied Woman experience is a production through Sex & Love Co.. Sex & Love Co. is an online sex coaching business, and it was how I transitioned from a traditional therapist to a coach.

When I came into this coaching world and started learning more and more about the feminine and masculine, it really opened my mind to how I had been living.
I am a woman who has been operating in her masculine for quite some time now. Especially being a business owner and entrepreneur, I thought I had to be in this masculine mindset. While I feel this has served me well throughout my life,  it essentially made me grow up really, really fast. There was no room for error or failure.
Then I hit burnout, I was self sabotaging, I didn’t want to do the things, and I wasn’t getting joy out of the things I was doing. I went from being in an extreme masculine to an extreme feminine. That’s when I knew I needed to find a happy medium. I needed the masculine to successfully run my business, but I needed to slow down and embody my feminine and slow down some.

Embodiment is letting the emotions in your body flow through your body. It’s letting your body feel the emotions that are coming up for you. I used to hate doing these embodiment practices, I just felt so awkward and I could feel myself holding back. To look back and see the transformation that I’ve made in this area is truly incredible.

Then I saw The Fully Embodied Woman and I thought, ‘wow, that sounds pretty fucking awesome.’ I want to be fully embodied, I want to be able to express myself no matter what I’m feeling.
The first thing we did for the Embodied Woman retreat was over zoom calls before the physical retreat. We spent each call embodying one of the 7 feminine archetypes. I’ll do an entire episode on these, but they are The Maiden, The Sorceress, The Huntress (Which is the energy I embody most of the time), The Queen, and The Lover/Sacred Slut, The Sage, and The Mystic.

Immediately once I got to the retreat, and immediately connected with the other women there, there was so much support and love. It was like nothing I’ve ever experienced to be able to share all the things without any shame or judgment. We started by setting the tone for the entire weekend with safety, vulnerability, and love for one another. Then we planted the seed for what we wanted to get out of this weekend, for me it was a deeper connection with self. I needed to share, and just be, and allow whatever feelings that were going to come up, to come up.
If I was not a fully embodied woman at this retreat, I would have felt uncomfortable and anxiousness, while some of those feeling still came up, i had the confidence to move through them. I was able to push through those feelings and do the activities we were doing, and not shy down from anything. I had the permission to do them entirely, to not hold back or shy away from anything. That for me is what being a full embodied woman means, doing the things that are true to you, being who is true to you, and knowing what is true to you. Not morphing into what other people say you should be, we get to be who we are, we are the fully embodied women.

If you are that person that is that goal getting, high driven, functional anxious person, and you’re wanting to slow down and you’re scared of what that looks like, I’m here to tell you that it’s beautifully po

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