Owning Your Sexual Self

136. Let's Talk Mushrooms with Kelsey Taylor

October 17, 2022 Rachel Maine
Owning Your Sexual Self
136. Let's Talk Mushrooms with Kelsey Taylor
Show Notes

So excited to have Kelsey on today! You might have read the title and wondered what this has to do with sex… Mushrooms are more of a personal development journey, but who knows, maybe we’ll also talk about some mushroom sex, too!

How did Kelsey get into the world of psychedelics or psilocybin?
Cannabis has forever been touted as the gateway drug, and for her it was in a way. After spending her teenage years on different pharmaceuticals from injuries doing gymnastics, she knew she wanted to get into the more holistic ways of managing her pain. She was introduced to cannabis and along that journey, and she started learning how to grow her own cannabis. It was really important for her to do it naturally and really honor that it is a plant and that it comes from the earth. In that process she started accidentally growing mushrooms, from that she got kind of obsessed and went down the mushroom rabbit hole. From there it became her mission to provide accessibility and education.

What is psilocybin?
Psilocybin is the compound in mushrooms that “make the magic”. There are thousands of compounds and it’s naturally occurring. It binds to the serotonin receptors in the brain. It helps parts of the brain that don’t normally connect to each other, connect to each other.

What is micro-dosing?
Micro-dosing is anything from .05 to .25 grams. This keeps it below the threshold of our awareness. It’s not going to make you high or trip at all. You can still work, parent, and do your daily life activities without any distortion to our sense perception. You might notice elevated moods, deepened presence, and the space between stimulus and response. It provides an opportunity to really be in your life and environment without the judgmental and analytical mind. 

If someone is wanting to do a mushroom trip what should they know?
It depends a lot on your experience and comfort with the extended state of consciousness and awareness. One of the most important things for  high dose experiences, your stereotypical psychedelic experience, is that you have someone trusted with you to kind of be a tether for you and hold that space for you. Intention is another important thing, getting clear on your why and what you’re looking for can help manage and navigate your experience and whatever might come up for you. Your mindset, what you’re carrying with you when you’re going in, and the setting that you’re in. The people that you’re with and the environment that you’re in are very important to your experience. The main shift of mindset from this is fun to this is medicine. 

When my husband and I do trips at home together it’s very intentional. We unplug for the day, we fast for sometime before, we’re setting intentions, we’re sageing, we’re journaling, we’re really having that space to connect and allow whatever needs to come through to come through.

On the other side of your experience is integration. Psychedelics have changed your life, they show you new perspectives, and open you up. Tell me how you’re bringing that into your everyday life. How are you changing, and evolving? Make meaning of your experience, process it, and bring it tangibly into your life. 
”I believe this can change the world. This is what we need right now to open up our hearts and our minds and connect back to nature and each other.” - Kelsey

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