Owning Your Sexual Self

137. My Mushroom Journey

October 24, 2022 Rachel Maine
Owning Your Sexual Self
137. My Mushroom Journey
Show Notes

This episode has been a year in the making, but it’s finally time for me to share with you all my psychedelic experience, or should I say experiences. Today I am opening up and sharing my story with you all. I even busted out my mushroom journal where I write down my intentions for the trip, and sometimes even write out some things during my trips. 

I started really considering doing mushrooms after hearing all about how the other people in my coaching group had incredible experiences with them. My business coach knew it was something that I needed before I knew it was something I needed. She knew it would just crack me open and allow me to just be in this space where all of that bullshit got turned off. To allow the things and downloads that I was both wanting to have and needed to see happen. 

If you’re curious about mushrooms or psychedelics, the first thing I recommend is watching Fantastic Fungi on Netflix. This documentary really made me excited about mushrooms. This documentary talks about someone who has anxiety, saying that after taking mushrooms, using this plant medicine, helped make their anxiety go away. Which was what I needed to hear. 

I went on a business retreat where I knew that I was going to be trying mushrooms. The first night I was there, we did a cacao ceremony, we called in someone that we looked up to. I called in my grandma who has been gone for quite some time, but she was and still is such a huge part of my life. She really helped raise me, she was my safety, security, she was my person. I called her in to be there with me this weekend because I was still having some nervousness about this weekend. 
The next morning, it’s officially mushroom day. We got into ceremony, we did card pulls, runes, lit candles, and shared our intentions again and again. I had written out my intentions three times before this morning, so it was really ingrained in me, what I was wanting from this experience, what I was wanting this medicine to show me. 

During my experience I saw my future, I saw myself speaking, signing books, living my absolute dream life. My worries of being wrong about not having children did show up, but the experience helped me realize that no matter what, you can still end up alone, children grow up, but I can still have the people I choose to have around me. When I came to see my life, sometimes with a child, sometimes not, I knew in my heart and in my soul we had made the right decision to not have kids. While seeing that in my first trip was scary, it made so much sense, it put so much into perspective for me. It was incredible, and I thank the mushrooms for giving me that, scary or not. 

I’ve done a handful of trips since then, but now I know how to do them “correctly”. I know I want to do them not to get high but with intention and a ceremonial practice around it. I'm so thankful that I have a partner that does this with me now. We get vulnerable, scared, we cry, we laugh, and we share with each other what came up for us. We're able to love so deeply and be so carefree together.

 Mushrooms have been such an incredible piece of my personal development journey. Being about to see into my future and understand what it was, getting better at setting intentions and trusting in myself.  They have truly changed my life. 

"What if you stopped wondering what if, and just did it?"

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