Owning Your Sexual Self

138. Energy Vampires (Halloween Special)

October 31, 2022 Rachel Maine
Owning Your Sexual Self
138. Energy Vampires (Halloween Special)
Show Notes

I recently read a book called Own Your Energy, by world renowned energy healer Alla Svirinskaya.  I want this episode to allow us to do a  check within ourselves and our own behaviors, but also to help you identify people in your life that may also be energy vampires.   

The Emotional Blackmailer
These are very kind, generous people.  But soon they are going to start being demanding towards you, and you’ll feel like you want to back off but your guilt is going to set in because of how generous they’ve been.

The Flatterer
This person will penetrate your space by endlessly flattering you. When you dig deep enough you’ll discover that this flattery is based on their envy of you. They may hate you but want to stay close to you to draw energetic nourishment from you. 

The Manipulator
This person can be incredibly charming and charismatic. They will wear the mask of someone who appreciates and values your qualities but uses compliments and praise in order to manipulate you into giving them your energy.

The Green Eyed Monster
Someone who desperately wishes they were as positive, happy, and healthy as you are. They’re going to judge you harshly if you possess any of the radiant qualities that they would like to have and make you feel bad about them.

The Paranoid Vampire
This person is over sensitive and loves to produce drama out of nothing. Someone that is incredibly rigid and gets upset when people don’t abide by their code of behavior. When you make a mistake and apologize, they’re never going to forget about it.

The Fair-Weather Vampire
If you’re going through a good phase, you have something to celebrate, they’re probably going to be right there with you. You’ll have this impression that they really like you, but at the first sign of trouble, they will disappear.

The Peacock
The person that is completely wrapped up in themselves. They can’t stop showing off to you about their achievements and letting you know how incredible they are. Networking is second nature to them and often done in a ruthless way.

The Smother Love
An energetic connection between mother and child lasts between 9 and 10 years and then the child becomes independent and energetically separate. But if the mother has gone through some kind of trauma, she won’t allow the separation to take place.

The Temporary Energy Vampire
One of the most common ways for this to happen is when someone is sick. They start to feel sorry for themselves, and when you ask someone about how they are, they will  exaggerate their symptoms to get your sympathy.

The Full on Chatterbox
This is the person that never stops talking. They are always chatting about anything and everything, but it’s not a conversation because they’re not talking to you, they’re talking at you.

The Grey Mouse
When you first meet one, you never imagine that this meek and mild person is an energy vampire. Once they have your attention, you begin to realize they’re always melancholy and there’s always something wrong.

The Firework
When you’re around this person it’s like walking on a tightrope because they could lose their temper at any given moment. They’re so short-tempered that you feel scared when you’re with them and you make yourself smaller so you don’t provoke them.

The Bully
Very similar to the firework, but they will also belittle you. They want to press your buttons. The person being bullied will keep reacting wh

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