Owning Your Sexual Self

139. Prostate Play to Unplug Your Life with @Alexandra_Guru

November 07, 2022 Rachel Maine
Owning Your Sexual Self
139. Prostate Play to Unplug Your Life with @Alexandra_Guru
Show Notes

I’m very excited to have Alexandra on to talk today about prostate play, it’s something I haven't specifically talked about on the podcast before! We’re also going to be talking a bit about erotic hypnotherapy.

What is erotic hypnotherapy?
It is the same concept as normal hypnotherapy, but we use it in order to have pleasure. If you’re a man we can use it if you are struggling with erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, or orgasmic issues. You can also use it in a bdsm context, so you can use it for fantasy, and increasing your body’s sensitivity. It’s a great way to experience something you’re unsure about without actually physically doing it. It’s a completely safe and pleasurable way to experience a fantasy before going into reality.  

What is the first step for someone who is resisting prostate play?
Figure out and Clear the resistance and fear around the idea. You need to be able to open up and receive deeper pleasure.

What are the benefits of prostate play?
It can provide a full energetic unplugging. Your whole body can become energetically alive.
It can provide more radiance, attraction, energy, and charisma.
It can make you experience deeper orgasms and feel all the different types of orgasms available for men.
Regular prostate stimulation can also help prevent prostate cancer.

How do you get started with solo prostate play?
The first thing is very important is to make sure everything is clean.
Use a lot of lube, it is very important
Start out in a squatting position.
The first time you should be doing a lot of exploring, maybe massaging outside the anus, and once you are comfortable, take a very nice deep breath, and start exploring inside with your fingers.
Start with one finger and place it on the gland, it will feel a bit thicker there, almost like a small peanut.
Then start circle motions, or a come here motion.

How do you start prostate play with another person?
If you’re a complete newbie the best place for a man to be is probably on his back so they can fully relax. It also makes the prostate much easier to find for the partner, and is easier to communicate and read facial expressions. The partner needs to make sure the man feels grounded and safe.
Consent needs to be happening each time. Communication is key is any set up. Asking continuously if everything is okay, or if there needs to be any adjustments to depth, motion or speed. For couples it can be a beautiful experience to feel very intimate and connected. During this process the vulnerability can bring a couple closer. 

Prostate play can cause the penis to go limp, but that is completely normal. You’re training your prostate to receive prostate orgasm and not for the penis to ejaculate. Once you’ve become more practiced you can combine them and have a more intense orgasm. A prostate orgasm can be more subtle than an ejaculating orgasm. It’s more of a whole body tingle than a concentrated sensation. If you’re breathing into it and surrender to the process it can be a more intense spiritual experience. It can also go on for quite a bit longer than an ejaculating orgasm. 

Give it a try. Don’t say no until at least you’ve tried it once. See how you feel and if you get stuck reach out to a professional to see how to unplug yourself and your life.

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