Owning Your Sexual Self

147. Sex Up Your Space

January 09, 2023 Rachel Maine
Owning Your Sexual Self
147. Sex Up Your Space
Show Notes

Hey guys! This week you'll be hearing a live recording of a Masterclass Danny and I did called How to Sex up your Space!

Why is setting and sexing up your space so important?
Women generally fall into the category of responsive desire, meaning we need something to happen for our bodies to respond to that thing for us to then feel turned on. Whereas men generally fall into spontaneous desire to where they are just walking through life and it's like a lightning bolt hits them and they're like, boom, I'm turned on. 
I had entered into our space and literally like everything that I saw, I could immediately feel the warmth from the space here. I was able to walk into that experience and just already feel so seen and so held and like frankly turned on like, ready to play, ready to do the damn thing. 

How do you start to sex up your space?
The first one we really put together is a Bluetooth speaker, and just play a sexy to you playlist.
Next, get yourself some bedding that feels sexy to you. Get whatever color you want, fuzzy blankets, velvety textures. Think sexy, sensual textures that feel really good to you.
The most important thing, and something that is on our current list to get ourselves, is a waterproof blanket. Easy to wash. They're still soft. It's not like that plasticity sort of material, it's still plush, it's cozy.
Another thing is color changing light bulbs. They come with this remote and there are all these different colors. So you got reds, oranges, blues, greens and you can dim them down, you can brighten them up and that itself changes the entire scenery of the room.
Add in some yummy smells to the room. If it's essential oils, I would recommend lavender, rose, and then ylang ylang. If you're gonna go with candles, you know find some nontoxic scented candles that would work for you. And then incense, which is probably my favorite. I feel like they just fill the room the most. If you want to go more on the safety side of candles, flameless candles. So they're kind of scattered all throughout the room, but again, it just adds a little bit more to your ambience.
Having the room warm is basically essential. So if you don't wanna turn up your thermostat or anything like that, you can add in a space heater. If I'm frigidly cold it's really hard for me to get in the mood or to feel sexy or to want to take my clothes off or want to get out of my lingerie, so adding in a space heater is necessary.
Artwork, things that inspire eroticism for you. Things that like you see and you feel are are sexy to you.

We're in this space, what the hell do we do now?
That's what The Connected Couple is for.
This program that we're running is going to look very similar to this, except we're not going to be just teaching you the whole time, we're gonna be teaching you a thing and then your you and your partner are gonna be doing the thing. It is also so inspiring to hear other couples sharing, to hear that another couple is going through a struggle that maybe you went through, or are going through now, but you can relate.
When you feel connected sexually in your relationship, everything else just starts to fall into place. The mental health starts to get better, the physical health starts to get better. Sex really is the center of everything and when that is good, everything else is gonna be good.

Sex Up Your Space

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