Owning Your Sexual Self

148. We Joined Couples Coaching

January 16, 2023 Rachel Maine
Owning Your Sexual Self
148. We Joined Couples Coaching
Show Notes

This week Danny and I are back and talking about our experience with couples coaching and how it led to The Connected Couple!

Why did we do couple's coaching?

I was so excited to be able to do this because for for me being in this work, being on the other side of it I knew was going to be a different experience. Even though I had introduced some of these things to Danny before, it's different when you're being facilitated through something like this.

Why was it different?
I really liked that because it was just so much different than just us kind of sitting down watching TV and then all of a sudden one of us is like hey what do you acknowledge about me? What do you love about me? It’s keeping awkwardness out of bringing it up in just any conversation. So it's so much easier to just let things fly.

What happened in this coaching?
Eye gazing was something that we did almost every single call and is such a great technique for us to be able to come together. 
There's other people in the group and they were doing it too, these were all couples from all over the world. Some people were nomads, like literally zooming from their Rvs, like talk about no excuses to do something like this. On our very first call, we got to learn a little bit about each other and all of us were going through the same things. We or we had been through the same things that each other were going through.

Was there any resistance to participate?
I wouldn't say that I was holding too much back. I definitely felt that being in that container, it was so much easier to allow myself to kind of just let things out and be a part of it. Just bring everything in and let everything out because at that point, if you're trying to hold something back, but then you're seeing everyone else just express themselves in a way that really is just truly vulnerable, then why not just why not keep going with it?
These are things that you think about on the daily but then to express them and share them while looking your partner in the eye and not being able to look away and like just being seen and heard in myself and just trusting that your partner is going to receive what you’re saying. 

 What have been the biggest benefits?
Just trusting in each other.  If you have something to say, you trust that the other person is going to recognize what you're going through and express back  the gratitude that you're expressing that feeling.
That has carried over in our relationship even now after this program is over. It's really set the tone and set the stage for us to continue having these conversations and more in depth conversations. We also discovered so much about ourselves sexually. We got to talk through fantasies and we learned the blueprints of each other's sexual languages, all these things.

How would you describe The Connected Couple?
If you are looking to just upgrade your relationship and life without really feeling like it's on the brink of disaster. I feel like it's just finding out more about you and more about your partner and just taking that and running with it. 
Even after the program is complete, you're gonna be able to take these tools and things that we're teaching you and carry them on into your life. It’s also for couples that are wanting to learn more about their sexual selves or wanting to learn more about their partner, they're wanting to maybe explore more of their kinks and things like that. All of that is covered in a connected couple.


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