Owning Your Sexual Self

151. 3 Kinky Things to Try for Valentine's Day

February 06, 2023 Rachel Maine
Owning Your Sexual Self
151. 3 Kinky Things to Try for Valentine's Day
Show Notes

We are officially in the month of february, aka Love Month!  I am just so excited for the topics that I have set aside for you for this month. But  today we’re starting with three kinky things to try for valentine's Day
Depending on how long you've been listening to the podcast or depending on how “kinky" you are, maybe you've already tried some of these things or maybe these are things that you haven't done in a while. But I’m so excited to share these with you and help you put some intention into your  relationships!

Number one of my kinky things to try for Valentine's Day is to try a sex toy.
Okay, valentine's day is on a Tuesday. So maybe you're celebrating the week before valentine's day, the weekend before valentine's day, right? Do some Googling and go  find a local sex toy store and maybe you want to go shopping together.
Plan B: You all know, I am a sex toy distributor myself.  You can, if you want to, shop from the comfort of your home and do some online shopping on my site, HERE.  It really is a one stop shop, you need lube, you need enhancements, you want some massage products, you want some lingerie, you want some bedroom toys, you want some bondage or whatever it is, we have that for you and you're supporting me yours truly and I appreciate that.
So if you want to go in person and go to a sex shop and find something together that you can talk about and you can choose together, maybe you pick one thing that you can use together. Maybe you do, I buy something for you, you buy something for me and then that will be our gift to each other for Valentine's Day this year.
Toys are your teammates toys in the bedroom with partner use is never ever meant to replace our partners. It truly is just added pleasure.

Number two is try a new position together.
This is something that you can pick together. You are experiencing something new.
You're trying something new guys, nobody wants to be having the same sex in the same position every single time. We have a sex position book, and this is particularly when we're kind of both in the mood but what something new to do. We're already in the space, we're like getting things going and we wanna we wanna have more intention behind it, we want to have conversation behind it. We don't want to just jump into our typical positions that we do. It's giving you the opportunity to be able to use your voice and to basically vocalize your own pleasure and and kind of set your own boundaries as well.

Number three is to watch porn together.
Yes, and this was actually the one in the beginning when I mentioned when I was coming up with this list is the one that we don't do often. For your porn recommendation, for me personally, I go to Only Fans um there are some beautiful, beautiful people that are my type of attractiveness, and my type of kink really that have free profiles on there that you can follow. Or you can choose to pay for their paid content, that's my shout out to support a sex worker by subscribing to their Only Fans page. If that is not your cup of tea, that's okay. My favorite porn site is BELLESA and is female made porn for females, so and it is ethical porn.

Okay, so those are your three kinky things to try for 2023! I am so excited to hear how they go for you guys, please send me a DM. I just can't wait to hear all you little kinky fucks out there, getting your little kinky stuff on!

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