Owning Your Sexual Self

155. Why Women Get Annoyed & Don't Want to Have Sex

March 06, 2023 Rachel Maine
Owning Your Sexual Self
155. Why Women Get Annoyed & Don't Want to Have Sex
Show Notes

Hello, hello! Welcome back for another episode of Owning Your Sexual Self. Kicking off March with this episode, that is inspired by some DM’s that I've been getting recently. Typically it's men that are sliding into the DM’s, wanting free relationship advice, about how to initiate sex without her saying no and getting annoyed. 

I can't just be giving out free advice all the time. Right? And to be honest, it's not doing you any favors either. There's so much work when it comes to sex coaching, like digging into the layers of this that are really where you're going to see the results. I do free consultation calls, so if you're interested in getting some questions answered or, you know, possibly working together or seeing what programs I have currently um running and whatnot, you can always set up a free consultation call

In this episode you’ll hear…

  • How to have good communication around initiating sex, and some questions to ask your partner.
  • Desire Discrepancy; what it is and how to deal with it
  • Emotional vs Physical connection, and how it can play a part in your sex life
  • Reasons someone might be annoyed with you when you try to initiate sex, and some tips on how to avoid that
  • Stepping into your masculine and how that can change your sex life

Thank you so much for listening. I hope this was helpful. Of course, again, going through why, why she may not want to have sex with you and why she might be getting annoyed with you when you are wanting to have sex. 

And lastly for any couples that are listening to this, Danny and I are running our Couples Experience virtually on March 14th at 6PM Eastern Time, and is $99 a couple. We just did this workshop in person a few weeks ago and we got amazing, amazing feedback from the people and the couples that joined us. So we are offering it virtually. We're walking you through three of our favorite exercises as couples to be able to connect with each other and connect in a way that intimacy is now present. So if you are listening to this podcast today, you heard me talk a lot about emotional connection and that physical connection. We are teaching you tools for both of those things, the emotional connection and the physical connection, those both show up in these practices that we're gonna be teaching.

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