Owning Your Sexual Self

156. How to Make Sex Last Longer

March 13, 2023 Rachel Maine
Owning Your Sexual Self
156. How to Make Sex Last Longer
Show Notes

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Hello, hello! Welcome back for another episode of Owning Your Sexual Self! This week’s topic is how to make sex last longer. Yay! I know you all want all the deets, how to make it last longer, make it more enjoyable, and all the juicy things in between!

This week you’ll hear about…

  • 3 things to help your sex last longer
  • A challenge to your mindset on what sex is
  • How to make the most of foreplay
  • What aftercare/afterplay is, and how important it is

Enjoy the magic that you just created with each other and congratulate yourselves on taking that time to be intimate with each other, taking time out of your day to connect with your partner and to bring pleasure into your life. Who doesn't want more pleasure in their life?

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