Owning Your Sexual Self

157. Period Hacking with Felicia Cafego

March 20, 2023 Rachel Maine
Owning Your Sexual Self
157. Period Hacking with Felicia Cafego
Show Notes

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Welcome back for another wonderful episode of Owning Your Sexual Self Podcast!  I have on a functional practitioner, a holistic health coach if you will, Felicia Cafego. We are talking all things related to PMS and period hacking and hormones and all these annoying things that we go through as women that just are kind of downers in our life. But there are so many ways that you can hijack your hormones and make them work for you, right? 

This episode focuses on…

  • When you should start talking to your kids about periods
  • Felicia’s person experience with hormone hacking
  • What and how hormones should be affecting you during your cycle
  • How you can help those hormones do what they’re supposed to do

This was such a great conversation and I’m so excited for you all to learn all the period hacking things!

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