Owning Your Sexual Self

162. Period Sex

April 24, 2023 Rachel Maine
Owning Your Sexual Self
162. Period Sex
Show Notes

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Hello hello hello! We are back for another juicy episode of Owning Your Sexual Self! This episode was really inspired by some conversations I've had in my personal life, or just heard friends talking about how period sex is gross... But it's sad when there's this thing in our life that we feel  has to take away something.  My body is doing this natural thing, it's bleeding. So I can't indulge in pleasure. I can't do penetrative things. I can't do X Y Z. Those days are over. 

In this episode I talk about:

  • What my social media following thinks of period sex
  • Why there should be absolutely no shame around period sex
  • The benefits of period sex
  • Tips on how to talk to your partner if either of you have fears around period sex
  • Tips on how to make period sex the most enjoyable and possibly mess free

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Have a great week, go and bleed your hearts out happily and healthily.

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