Owning Your Sexual Self

177. Redefining Sex

August 07, 2023 Rachel Maine
Owning Your Sexual Self
177. Redefining Sex
Show Notes

Hello, hello! We're back for another episode! This week I wanted to talk about how to redefine what we think of as sex, and how doing that can create so much more intimacy and connection in your relationship. 
You'll hear:

  • Ways to redefine what sex means in order to feel deeper connection and intimacy in relationships. 
  • What a sexless marriage is and how it can affect your relationship. 
  • That a desire for more sex may actually be a desire for deeper connection and quality time with your partner.
  • How important communication and exploring different tools and techniques to enhance your sexual experiences are.
  • Ways to prioritize your own sexual satisfaction and pleasure.

I hope this episode was helpful for you! If it's sex that you're craving, I would be willing to bet that it's actually the connection that you are craving. Until next time, guys! Thank you so much for listening, I'll see you on the next episode!

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