Owning Your Sexual Self

193. The Fuck First Rule

January 22, 2024 Rachel Maine
Owning Your Sexual Self
193. The Fuck First Rule
Show Notes

Hello! I'm here with the first solo episode of The Owning Your Sexual Self Podcast of 2024! I'm so excited for this year after a much needed holiday rest. And I'm also excited to talk all about the fuck first rule with you!

You'll hear:

  • A little update on my life
  • What the fuck first rule is, and how I heard about it
  • How it can change your date nights so much for the better
  • The way we implement it in our routine
  • Some science behind why this works
  • Tips on how to really get the most out of your date night

Thank you so much for listening!  Don't forget to share on your social media and tag me if you loved this episode! See you next week!

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