Owning Your Sexual Self

64. New Masturbation Ideas to Switch Things Up!

May 10, 2021 Rachel Maine
Owning Your Sexual Self
64. New Masturbation Ideas to Switch Things Up!
Show Notes

May is Masturbation month! If you haven't yet listened to my earlier episode titled, "Masturbation is My Middle Name", definitely check it out to hear all the benefits of masturbating! In this episode, I provide you with 31 new ideas to change up your self-pleasure game! After listening to this, you can guarantee your pleasure levels are going to be increased and you're going to learn new things about yourself! Hellooooo sexual confidence!

May 1st: Use only your fingers
May 2nd: Rub yourself against a pillow
May 3rd: Use a cooling clitoral enhancement
May 4th: Masturbate in front of the mirror
May 5th: Try a CBD lubricant
May 6th: Use a toy for external stimulation
May 7th: Use a warming clitoral enhancement
May 8th: Masturbate on your back
May 9th: Masturbate over your clothes
May 10th: Masturbate in the shower
May 11th: Touch everything BUT your genitals
May 12th: Switch up your technique
May 13th: Use extra lube today
May 14th: Listen to erotica
May 15th: Masturbate in a room you don't usually
May 16th: Use a showerhead
May 17th: Only use your imagination today
May 18th: Set the scene for yourself
May 19th: Do Kegels throughout your session
May 20th: Use internal stimulation
May 21st: Masturbate standing up today
May 22nd: Wait 10 minutes until your touch your genitals
May 23rd: Try dual stimulation today
May 24th: Masturbate on your stomach
May 25th: Try mutual stimulation today
May 26th: Use your non-dominate hand
May 27th: Record yourself and watch it later
May 28th: Edge for as long as you can
May 29th: Use a blindfold to enhance senses

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