Owning Your Sexual Self

65. Sex Positions for Painful Sex with Amanda Fisher & Morgan Clark

May 14, 2021 Rachel Maine
Owning Your Sexual Self
65. Sex Positions for Painful Sex with Amanda Fisher & Morgan Clark
Show Notes

Welcome back to the Owning Your Sexual Self Podcast! This week I'm joined with Amanda Fisher & Morgan Clark! Do you experience painful sex? If so; keep listening because today Amanda, Morgan & I talk about sex positions for painful sex!

The "Empower your Pelvis" clinic sees patients one-on-one who experience pelvic pain, pain with intercourse to prolapse, menopausal issues, postpartum issues, young/older athletes, strength training issues, etc.
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What can people do to relieve pain before penetration?

-Getting in the mood! *
Try taking a warm bath before engaging in sexual activities, anything to try and relieve some of the stress your feeling.*
-Take time for yourself before your partner joins. *Utilize foreplay*
-During daily activities try using your hips and pelvic floor more than your back! This might help you enjoy certain positions more. *Stretching*
                   -Utilize the childs pose position-Listen to your body!
-Listen to your body!

Recommended positions for vaginal & lower back pain

1. On top position
, rear to your partner or facing your partner. With this position, you can control the movement/speed better. When you are experiencing discomfort you can pause and communicate that with your partner.
2. All fours, good for letting gravity help you.
3. Childs pose is also a good pose to let gravity help you.
4. On your back, (bridge position).
5. Resting your leg on a pillow or your partner opens up your torso hopefully alleviating nerve pain.
*Somewhat bent legs/knees, or legs rested on their partner is the best positioning to relieve lower back pain*
Don't be afraid to gain support from pillows and blankets!

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