Owning Your Sexual Self

67. Coming Out & Celebrating PRIDE with Sarah Swofford

May 31, 2021 Rachel Maine
Owning Your Sexual Self
67. Coming Out & Celebrating PRIDE with Sarah Swofford
Show Notes

Welcome back, beautiful people! HAPPY PRIDE MONTH! This week I am joined with Sarah Swofford to talk about coming out & celebrating PRIDE!!! Sarah is a sex, love, and relationship coach for the LGBTQIA2+ community, an advocate, and a creative. She runs an edutainment and lifestyle brand & YouTube channel, SwirlBabyTV, with husband Rocky Lane, that’s focused on visibility and community engagement. Sarah identifies as a queer, pansexual, gender-diverse person and lives in Austin, Texas with their husband Rocky and their little dog Doodle. Find her on IG @thesarahswofford 

Common worries/anxieties:
"I don't know where I fit"
"what is my label?"
-The desire for community.
-Too "old" to come out
Remember: "Our labels can change! It's okay to grow, change and learn new languages by yourself!" -Sarah

Not everyone can have the same coming out experience.

Sarah helps people evaluate the space they want to come out to and what they are hoping to get from it; whether you're hoping to speak your truth or feel accepted/ celebrated.

You don't owe anybody a justification! You. Are. Valid. You deserve to live in your truth. There are always people/ a community ready to welcome you with open arms.

Resources from Sarah Swofford

*Human Rights Campaign- HRC.org is an excellent place to start- they have tons of articles on gender and sexual diversity, healthcare resources, education on lgbtq+ issues, etc.

*https://txtranshealth.org/blog - a link to the blog where Sarah wrote about “How to support your partner if they come out as Trans or non-binary” (the second post down on the blog)

*@Translifeline on Instagram-  peer support and a crisis hotline if you are in need of immediate support 

*Hans Lindahl YouTube channel for intersex related content

*Black Trans Leadership Austin on IG  and Transgender Education Network of Texas - which is @transtexas on IG-  both excellent organizations to follow for more Transgender and gender diverse related support and information.

*Shohreh Davoodi on Instagram - she is an amazing self-trust coach and podcaster who is also a super affirming member of the lgbtq+ community.

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