Owning Your Sexual Self

69. All About 69

June 14, 2021 Rachel Maine
Owning Your Sexual Self
69. All About 69
Show Notes

Welcome back to a very special episode...episode 69!!! Today I'm answering all your questions about 69-ing.

What is 69-ing?
A general way of explaining it is; your mouth to their genitals and their mouth to your genitals at the same time.

How to initiate trying this position:
"I would like to return the favor at the same time"

Using a blindfold:
Taking away sight and heightening all your other senses.
Close your eyes, whatever feels natural.
Remember sex is awkward!

Positions for 69:
Side to side: allows for more flexibility
Female on top
Male on top

*Use a codeword!*

You can still use toys when you 69!

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