Owning Your Sexual Self

75. Tantric Penis Massage with Rachael Z

July 24, 2021 Rachel Maine
Owning Your Sexual Self
75. Tantric Penis Massage with Rachael Z
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**please excuse my dogs in the background while recording this episode- apparently, they are just as excited as you to hear about tantric penis massages.
Welcome back to this week's episode of Owning Your Sexual Self; "Tantric Penis Massage with Rachael Z". Rachael Zevecke is a Sex hacker & Female empowerment coach.
What is tantric penis massage?

"A tantric sex practice that honors the penis and the person that has them. Tantric practices are all about slowing down and being connected with yourself and your body."
*This is something a person can do to themselves or somebody that owns a penis.

How long does this massage usually take?
Shoot in the beginning for 10-15 minutes, it doesn't have to be that long.

"Just the slightest of touch can be so intriguing"

What a session looks like...
-Set the scene
(Dim the lights, get comfortable, Him on his back and you sitting in between his legs)
-Start slow (Let him guess when you're going to touch his penis, tease with light touches)
-"Tease, deny & ride waves of pleasure"

*If you're going to stimulate the prostate, you can press up on the perineum and if you put pressure there, it is a slight prostate stimulation.*

*By edging a man it teaches him to control his pelvic floor muscles, meaning he is having more control over his orgasms.
*Tantric penis massaging helps with stamina

How can you identify when your partner is close to orgasming
-really pay attention to what is going on (His breathing will become more rapid, flexing in the abs; this is a sign you need to slow down.
-No more than 5 of the same touch

What is a motion?
-Stroking up and down with one hand
(pressure, closeness, and tightness of your grip)
-Use your thumbs a lot
, massaging up the shaft of the penis.

*Sexy music in the background & a little bit of dirty talk

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