Owning Your Sexual Self

76. Hot Girl Summer with Megan Ulrich Krueger

August 02, 2021 Rachel Maine
Owning Your Sexual Self
76. Hot Girl Summer with Megan Ulrich Krueger
Show Notes

As we move into the final month of Michigan summer- this episode seemed appropriate! For this week's episode, I am joined with Megan Ulrich Krueger my good friend who's a confidence coach!! Today we're diving into what "Hot Girl Summer" means to us.

What does Hot Girl Summer even mean?
First of all, it's a trend. "Having the confidence to believe that you are hot, sexy, beautiful; whatever you want it to mean to you". You going out there this summer, wearing what you want, what makes you feel good, and feeling good in your own skin". "confidence is hot girl summer"!

"Self-love, self-care, whatever that means to you, that is hot girl summer!" -Megan

Hot girl summer means being confident & learning to love and accept your body. It's so much more than just not fat-shaming, it is fat-liberation.

Follow people of all shapes, sizes, and backgrounds.

-The more we diverse our feeds, the more we start to accept ourselves through that journey, nobody type is 'idealistic'.

-It starts with you and your self-acceptance, make it fun!

-Focus on the pleasurable things!

-You can love your body while you're working on your body!

How can somebody change their mindset around wanting their goal body?

It starts by knowing that everybody has something they wish they could change.
"Even if everyone in the world ate the exact same thing and did the exact same workouts we would all still look different because we were all made different!" -Megan

Our bodies have a natural neutral weight they need to obtain!
There's no one way to eat. There's no one way to work out.

Embrace the diversity & the different shapes and sizes our bodies come in!
Life is too short to be working towards some "goal body"!

"The body you have now is worthy of being loved as is"

Think about how far your body has got you and all that you have accomplished with your body.

Hot girl summer IS a mindset. Remember, weight and health don't equal each other!

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