Owning Your Sexual Self

77. Why This Work Is Important with @sexwithbaddies

August 09, 2021
Owning Your Sexual Self
77. Why This Work Is Important with @sexwithbaddies
Show Notes

Today we’re talking about being a sexual baddie! 

I have Coach Baddie, Celine Manning, on the show today to talk about how to live your fullest truth. Take risks, be daring, and be kind. It's easy to give up on this work.. so why is it important to keep going? Listen to find out! 

As coaches we are inspiring others while inspiring ourselves. This is exactly how Celine got started- she was on her own healing journey and along the way learned this is the work she wants to be doing and is meant to be doing. Coaches get raw and real, they’re able to share their own life experiences and lessons learned and they can pose questions that provide a different way of thinking for the person on the other end. 

Learn to talk yourself through depressing moments, because likely, you’ll be the only one there in that moment. Learn to show up for your damn self. 

Sexual confidence is doing the steps of working on you and your pleasures and desires. It’s hard to put an end to it because it’s something that needs to continue to be practiced. It’s a feeling you continue trying to feel each day. Keep engaging in SEXploration. You have to create it for yourself! - Celine 

Give yourself a massage
Go for a walk 
Look at yourself in the mirror 
Need a new mantra? Try “EFF IT!” 

To wrap this episode up, we remind you to keep exploring and having fun! Stay on track, keep working towards living the life of your dreams 

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