Owning Your Sexual Self

78. How to Dirty Talk!

August 16, 2021
Owning Your Sexual Self
78. How to Dirty Talk!
Show Notes

In this episode I talk about why and how to get the most out of your dirty talk. 

We started with the stars, then MapQuest, then Google Maps and now we have WAZE! Although dirty talk isn’t new, I think we need to make it the next best thing. Instead of “avoid this route” we’ll say “avoid touching here” and instead of “preferred route ahead” it’ll be “touch me here instead”

Directions are the BEST when it comes to dirty talk- the more specific the better! 

Figure out what it is that turns you on and communicate to your partner how they can provide you with pleasure. 

Dirty talk helps to lessen the orgasm gap. 

You should be having an orgasm during every sexual encounter. One of the best ways to help (besides dirty talk) is switching it up, and keeping things fresh. 

"If you don't tell your partner what you need, the sex will stay the same." - Sex with Emily Podcast 


Practice solo and get in tune with your own body

Praise your partner's body (and your own body!) start with  “I love your…” or “when you do that I…”

Express your desires like “I love it when…” 

Use the language that feels best for you. 

Confidence is a huge piece of dirty talk! 

Practice vocalizing solo, get comfortable with it. 

Awkward is okay, own it and have fun! 

It’s okay if you’re finding it hard to start, but here some starters to help:

It turns me on when... 

I like to watch when you... 

It feels so good when... 

I can't stop thinking about you when... 

You're so good at... 

(Any others I said during episode) 

And remember to stay sexy, stay confident, and go get your dirty talk on!

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