Owning Your Sexual Self

79. How to Make Female Friends with Jordan D'Nelle

August 23, 2021 Rachel Maine
Owning Your Sexual Self
79. How to Make Female Friends with Jordan D'Nelle
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Today we’re talking about female friends and how to make them!

As adults we don’t always have the most opportunities to make new friends, Jordan D’Nelle, the mastermind of making new friends, is here to share her tips on how to make and get the most out of your friendships. 

We all know social media is great. It’s truly a godsend to making new friends, and is definitely the easiest way to get started. When you build up social media connections though DMs you’ll find it not as uncomfortable when you actually meet.

Tips for finding friends with similar interests:

Talk to people at your job

Ask friends connect you with their friends

Join facebook groups

Try new things

Join meetups on the Meetup app

Or create your own meetup or group if you’re looking for something in particular

Once you’ve met someone you’d like to start a friendship what should your next move be?

Say “Hey, would you like to do something?” and plan your next event or next time you’ll get together. Also keep her in mind for the next time you’re looking for something to do. Think “why don’t I hit her up?” so you can nourish that friendship to help it flourish and see where it goes.

It can so different making connections when it comes to your personal life than business.

We can flip the switch when it comes to business, when it’s for money, but when it’s our personal life we are unable to flip that switch.

And it all comes down to hyping yourself up, and learning how to turn that on in your personal life as well, figuring out how you can be friendship confident.

Have a friendship checklist, Get clear on the type of friend that you want, and what are you looking for in a friend. Are you looking for a friend to party with, a friend to travel with, someone who challenges the way you think, or just someone to have fun with. It’s like dating, you have to be clear on what you want to cultivate that. It’s also okay for your relationships to look different, to have different types of friends with different types of vibes.

Part of being a sexual being, and having a successful relationship with a partner is having a relationship with yourself and other people. It all ties together.

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