Owning Your Sexual Self

84. When Sex & Spirituality Meet with Serena Rose

September 27, 2021 Rachel Maine
Owning Your Sexual Self
84. When Sex & Spirituality Meet with Serena Rose
Show Notes

This week I’m talking all things healing and spirituality with Serena Rose, the Spiritual Sex Coach. Who’s here to show other people what is possible, by showing up as loving, authentic, and vulnerable as she can in any given moment, or in honor of what that looks like.
What led her to this work?

As a child, she experienced a variety of unique experiences from trauma-based to spiritual occurrences that guided her to where she is now. She helps people embrace their kinky side, while healing their relationships with authenticity and deeper sexual awareness.  As a teenager she started studying self development and self growth and really started working on herself, so it unraveled from there. “The deeper and deeper I got into this work and myself, and my abilities, and challenges and all of it, I realized how connected everything is. My sexuality, my spirituality, all the experiences that led me to the point that I am right here and right now in this present moment.”

What does it mean to see spiritual beings?
We all have these abilities, it's one of our senses, we just don’t always tap into them, or even believe in them. There’s a lot of spiritual beings that we can see if we allow ourselves to, we’re surrounded by spirit guides all the time.  Spirit is around us and in everything, it doesn’t have to take shape that we can logically see or understand. 
It’s so much about believing that this work that you’re doing is going to work in the healing process and to take you to that next level self. 

 What are some practices for someone who is wanting to tap into their spiritual side?
Awareness is the key to absolutely everything, bringing awareness to what is going on in and around you is step one.
You can pray, and speak to your higher self, your spirit guides, your angels, your protectors, your ancestors, whatever you feel called to, and ask for guidance, direction, and just be curious. 
There’s an audio book that really helps to understand the nuances of energy and spirituality called Energetic Boundaries by Cyndi Dale.

Where does sex play a part in this healing process or a connection with the spiritual side?There’s likely some role or some playing that could be done in the bedroom that would be fitting for each person. There is spirit and energy moving through you, and transmuting and healing, and it feels so good because there’s also pleasure involved. Bringing awareness to these intricate parts of yourself and your experiences and learn how to move with them and move the energy.

What resources would you recommend to start getting someone into a kink mindset, and helping them figure out what sort of kink to get into that can help serve them in a healing way?
BDSM Kink Test  -  Not only do you go through it and discover some kink symbols that you might relate to but there’s also short, easy to understand descriptions.
Alexa Martinez's That Sex Chick Podcast, The ABC’s of Kink with Bryn Daylor  - Personal relatable stories, go into the most common kinks, but also kinks that are a bit more taboo.
Existential Kink by Carolyn Elliot, PhD Which goes into the shadow play of kinks.

2021 has brought a lot of openness to us all because of what we’re experiencing collectively, so what a time to dive in and do this work, and to have the time and space to do so. There’s not one person listening that doesn’t feel like they have something to heal at this point in their life.  It doesn’t always have to be a sexual thing that you’re trying to heal, but we all know the power behind healing sexuality.

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