Owning Your Sexual Self

88. Breathwork and Sex with Stephanie Boyd

October 25, 2021 Rachel Maine
Owning Your Sexual Self
88. Breathwork and Sex with Stephanie Boyd
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All the way from Cali, today we’re talking to Stephanie Boyd, a breathwork facilitator and pleasure mentor!
Breathwork is a powerful way for us to release trapped emotions that have been stuck inside of our bodies. It allows us to literally let the body do whatever it’s meant to do through the power of breath. You can experience many different things through a breathwork session; you can have an orgasm, you can cry, you can laugh, there are so many different releases that can happen.

How did Stephanie get into this kind of work?
After her own herpes diagnosis, she started working though her traumas and then advocating for other people who had been diagnosed with herpes. She realized it was time for her to own the kinky freaky side of herself that’s always been there but had been shoved down after her diagnosis.  When she was 19, she really loved yoga, and connecting with her body. So once she started her feeling journey, a mentor of hers got certified in breathwork and allowed her to experience it and it became one of her favorite things.

How does breathwork mix with sexuality?
Stephanie thought these two things would be so beautiful together, so why not be the one to bring them together. She knows how powerful breathwork can be, and encourages people, when doing it, to feel the sensations that are going to their genital region, to feel the sensations on their body, including the sensual feelings, instead of being in their heads.

How would you walk someone through using breathwork during masturbation?
When we’re masturbating and on the verge of an orgasm, we tend to hold our breath and curl our toes instead of unleashing everything and becoming more relaxed. The more we’re breathing into our orgams, the deeper they are. The more you unclench and allow the sensations to move through your body, the longer the orgasms will last. Being constricted is not allowing the nervous system and your orgasms to fully explode through you. Even after your climax, breathing into that sensation, and letting it continuously fill up your body for a few minutes after.  Allow yourself to connect inwards after an orgasm, centering yourself on the feeling of the euphoria that the orgasm provides, and bringing yourself back to that feeling throughout the day.

With breathwork and self pleasure, would you recommend people do it every time they self pleasure?
It depends on the person, there’s no right or wrong for what feels good for you.
You need to allow yourself to in whatever way feels good to connect with yourself.
If you want to do it every day, or once a week, it’s whatever feels good for you.

When women start to practice this does it come easy to them or take them a while to get used to it?
Because of the shame attached to self pleasure or sex in general, it does tend to take a bit longer for people to get used to it because we’re so disconnected from our bodies.

“If it feels good for you and your body, then by all means whatever feels good for you”

There can be so much pressure on us to achieve orgasm quickly, and we feel like we don’t want to take time away from our partner’s pleasure, but we need to start enjoying this time, and enjoying the foreplay, and the connection with each other. Breathwork will help you slow that down and connect with your body, and connect with your partner. You’re worthy of taking as much time as you need to receive the pleasure or the intimacy that you want. Pleasure isn’t always achieving an orgasm, just connecting with someone else that feels good for you is pleasure in itself.

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