Owning Your Sexual Self

90. No Nut November

November 08, 2021 Rachel Maine
Owning Your Sexual Self
90. No Nut November
Show Notes

I’ve heard of no shave November, but then I came across NNN, or No Nut November, and I knew I had to do an episode about it.
What is No Nut November?
According to urban dictionary, No Nut November, or NNN, is where “For the whole month of November guys won’t jack off because other guys aren’t jacking off. This is a challenge to show true manliness.”  There aren’t a whole lot of people really participating in NNN, there’s no trophy, there’s no certificate, no real recognition, the benefits will be more internal. It is more about the  internet memes, and funny jokes, it’s just become a running joke since 2011. 

I do believe there are some benefits to both sides of this. Abstaining from ejaculation for a period of time, can actually benefit some people, but also not benefit some people. This is not a black and white type of topic, there’s a very long, linear scale on where you might fall on for No Nut November, and we’re going through that in this episode.

A little about No Nut November
No ejaculation is allowed by any means
Pornography is allowed
Must complete the full month of November

NNN involves an antiporn movement inspired by various groups online. The term was first coined by Urban Dictionary in 2011. Certain groups believe that abstaining from masturbation is a way to combat addiction to porn or sex.
People in these groups claimed that they were occupying too much time masturbating when they could be spending that time doing more beneficial activities like working out, or learning a new language, or spending time with friends. 

Why should someone participate in NNN?
Let’s think about this in a scientific way, there are some benefits for people who choose to abstain from ejaculations, there are  claims that it can increase your energy level, improve your self confidence, boost mental clarity, increase your testosterone, or increase physical output in the gym.
For men that are dealing with erectile dysfunction, sex or masturbation can become really stressful for them and they start to withdraw from their partner. Taking a break from sex or mastuation can tremendously help reduce some of that pressure around performance.
Abstaining from sex and masturbtion can also allow couples to find other alternatives to being intimate besides physical contact, and connect on a deeper intimate level.
I do believe that abstaining from ejculation for some people can be beneficial. Do I think that you need to do it for a whole month on purpose? No. I think that if you’re feeling that urge, and you want to have sex, you want to have an orgasm, you want to provide yourself or partner with pleasure, you want your partner to provide you with pleasure, I feel strongly that you should act on that as long as you're not harming yourself or anyone else.

Why wouldn’t someone participate in NNN?
On the other side of this movement, there are scientific, medically proven things out there that prove that we know ejaculation can have a positive mental and physical benefit to you. It can include stress reduction,  boost your heart health, your erectile health, and even help prevent the risk of prostate cancer. 
Masturbation is not unhealthy, mastubation is healthy. If you’re satisfied with your current routine, and you feel like sex and masturbation are healthy parts of your life, keep on doing it.
In closing;
I support you masturbating as much, as frequently, as long as you possibly want to as long as it’s not interfering with your life or putting anyone at risk of harm or injury.

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