Owning Your Sexual Self

96. Designing the Relationship You Desire

December 20, 2021 Rachel Maine
Owning Your Sexual Self
96. Designing the Relationship You Desire
Show Notes

My number one goal in the work I do is to help you feel more confident in your sexual life and in your relationships. This conversation I’m having with you today will be revolving around my Relationship Regroup.
When my coach, Alexa, introduced the Relationship Board Meeting to me, it was something that I thought was really cool, and something Danny and I could sit down and do in our relationship and map out what was important to us. When I sat back and looked at her Relationship Board Meeting , there were some really powerful pieces to it, and some things I wanted to include on it. So I was able to adapt her Relationship Board Meeting  into what I call my Relationship Regroup. 

What is the Relationship Regroup?
It’s a free resource for you to use. I have seen it make such a difference in our marriage, and the way that we’re communicating with each other, and showing up for each other, and the way that we’re connecting.   

What is the purpose of the Relationship Regroup?
This is going to provide you with an open space to talk about the things you prioritize in your relationship and you're going to do that on a regular basis.
It's going to allow you to create healthy routine for reflection and connection and also the opportunity to strengthen your relationship.
The ultimate goal is to consistently check in with your partner in a way that is going to serve both of you.

What basically does the Regroup look like?
Checking in and setting intentions
You’re going to create a space where you have no distractions, you’re going to leave everything at the door and allow yourself to really drop into this moment and be present with each other.

The first thing you’re going to start off asking is “How are you feeling right now?”
If you’re someone that struggles to answer that question, maybe try using one of these:
Green - Energized, present, creative
Yellow -
Tired, neutral, cautious
Red -
Exhausted, overwhelmed, frustrated
The next question you’re going to ask is “What is your intention for today’s regroup?”

Then you're going to move into the recap section. You're going to take a moment to review the last week. Some questions you can ask for this part are:
How did you feel loved by me last week?
What did we succeed at last week?
What can we focus to do better this week? 

Then you will move into the gratitude piece. Gratitude is one of the most effective tools for creating more love and intention in your life. Take the time to show gratitude now. Face each other, look each other in the eyes and share these four things:
Show love for:
Your partner 
Your current relationship
Your future relationship

Your Weekly Overview
You're going to go through:
Her (or your) cycle
Your relationship things

Your foundation or the four pillars of your relationship:
Intimacy -Scheduling these things give you something to look forward to during your week
Finances -  If needed, schedule a money night for this week to discuss these. 
Social -  What friends do we want to connect with? Which family members need our attention? What kids activities are there this week? 
Home -  How can we improve our morning/night routine? When can we meditate? Which household things need to get done?

I can't wait to hear everyone's feedback on this amazing tool!
Tell me what your favorite parts are, or what parts you think need tooling around a bit.

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