Owning Your Sexual Self

98. How We Made Covid Sexy!

January 10, 2022 Rachel Maine
Owning Your Sexual Self
98. How We Made Covid Sexy!
Show Notes

Happy 2022, everyone! I'm back and so pumped to share all the things with you this year.
When I started this podcast 2 full years ago, my voice was hoarse, I sounded so masculine, I felt like shit, but I pushed through the pain, annoyance, and my motherfucking inner critic, and did it anyway. And I'm so thankful to have been able to give you all this amazing free resource here. If you’re looking for information on desire, on how to strengthen your relationship, I have provided so, so many episodes and tools for you and your sex life. 
For this year I’m trying to focus on being more in my feelings and being in tune with my body and work on things I’m feeling inspired to work on in that moment. It might not be educational resourceful things each and every week, it’s going to be more conversational. I’m going to be sharing more stories about my life, and what’s going on in our marriage. I want to share with you the real life shit that is going on in my life, in our life.

This episode I’m going to focus specifically on Covid.
When I had, what was most likely Covid, back in December of 2019, it was a time where there was no sex happening, there was no making Covid sexy.  But we’ve done so much work on our relationship, and dove into our sex life, and gotten so much in tune with our marriage since then.
When we had Covid back in April, Danny had to take 10 days off work, and that was an amazing time for us to be able to connect, especially sexually. We were feeling good and able to put focus into things like we wanted to get done, we spent all day every day together. It was amazing to see what our life would look like when our dream life was happening. So we started really working together to make this dream life a reality.

I ended up testing positive for Covid this year the day before Christmas Eve, which was very, very, very disheartening. It was super sad for both of us, since Danny had been around me, we knew it was only a matter of time before he tested positive too, and of course he did.  This time, we let ourselves be lazy, if that’s what our bodies needed, if we felt like working we would, but we weren’t setting alarms, we were allowing ourselves to binge watch shows, and just rest. ,Even though we were wrapped up on the couches, feeling like crap, we still made sure to do the things we wanted to get done together. We didn’t have sex for the first 7 days of our quarantine, it came down to a point where we were finally feeling a little better, so we decided to take a bath together. We both were so relaxed and zen, and I noticed we were both so spaced out. When I asked Danny what he was thinking about, he was thinking about having sex, and of course, so was I. So from there we started asking each other what exactly kind of fantasy we were just thinking about. We were just able to enjoy each other's company on a more intimate level from there. It was fun and sexy to be able to listen to each other's fantasies and have that power within ourselves to share those fantasies, and to be able to act on them in that moment.
That's been our life, our covid life, for the last few weeks, but we're out now. We're back to our schedules, and back to the intimacy that we long for in our relationship.

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